The Hoarding Disorder Resource and Training Group

Easing the emotional, psychological, social,
financial, and legal effects of Hoarding Disorder.

Education & Training

Continuing Education for Professionals

The Hoarding Disorder Resource and Training Group is committed to providing continuing education to professionals:  We currently hold Approved Provider status with:

For Licensed Social Workers and Certified Cae Managers through Aging Remix, Inc.





CEU Workshops

Workshop Topics:

  1. Hoarding Disorder: A  CollaborativeCommunity Approach
  2. Ethical Dilemmas in Self-Neglect and the Older Person: Issues of Isolation in Times of Crisis
  3. Dealing with Difficult People: Navigating Dysregulated Emotions
  4. Bio-Ethical Decision Making: Considerations for Advance Planning
  5. Positive Psychology: The Quest for Happiness
  6. Surviving in the Aftermath of Trauma and PTSD: Laying the Groundwork for Trauma Informed Care
  7. Behind the Spoken Word: Understanding Non-verbal Behavior
  8. Motivational Interviewing: A Therapeutic Change Model
  9. Gried Work and Coping with Loss
  10. Mindfulness: Informed Approached to Stress Reduction
  11. Frozen in Fear: Expploring the Interplay of Perfectionism and Procrastination
  12. Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder
  13. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment Techniques
  14. Sex and the SNF: Sexuality and Neurocognitive Changes

Assisted living facilities, home health agencies, community service programs, or other health care organizations can sponsor or host a pre-approved continuing education seminar.

Informational Workshops

Informational workshops are commissioned to address a specific need or interest. They are customized for attorneys, realtors, professional organizers, placement advisors, senior advisers, senior movers, home safety and home modification experts, and others with an interest in hoarding behavior.

Workshops are also provided to loved ones of individuals with hoarding issues, and people who themselves experience symptoms of hoarding behavior.

Municipality Consultation

Municipalities struggle with the effects of hoarding disorder on their citizens. Balancing the rights of the individual with public safety is challenging. HDRTG provides consultation to municipal departments including police and fire departments, health departments, housing authorities, municipal courts, and others that are coping with the effects of hoarding in their communities.

In-Service Training

In-service training is provided to family service agencies, community mental health centers, health care facilities, home health agencies, senior residential buildings, organizations, and other groups with an interest in hoarding.

Individual or Family Consultation

Consultation is provided to family members and loved ones coping with the challenges and impacts of hoarding behavior.